On the Address info panel you can fill in the account owner address information: country, city, street address, postal code, phone number, etc.

Account address info panel


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The main phone number.

The phone number specified in this field is used to find a recipient on the account self-care while transferring funds and services among users; see more details in the Transfer of funds and airtime among end users chapter.

Alt. phone

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The phone number to send SMS notifications.

Alt. contact

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Another person to contact if the account owner or their primary contact is unreachable.


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This is blind carbon copy. Here you can define the emails of one or more recipients, separated by commas, without revealing their information. For example, to send a copy of every account email to your accountant without anyone in your account knowing that, define the accountant’s email here.


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Here you can leave some notes about the account’s contact details.

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