Destinations is a list of all the possible phone number prefixes to use for creating price lists (tariffs) later.

The International Standard for Country Codes (ISO) defines codes for the names of countries and their subdivisions. PortaBilling is supplied with a predefined set of countries and the most common destinations for them in the E.164 (includes custom destinations) and E.212 formats based on the ISO 3166-2.

Click Download on the toolbar to download a default destination set. Select the file format (.csv, .xls or .xlsx) in the Download destinations dialog window and click Download.

Upload destinations

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Click Upload on the toolbar to upload destinations to the system.

Upload destinations panel

In the Upload destinations dialog window select whether to upload your custom file or default destinations:

Custom file

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To upload a destination set of your own, create a .csv or .xls file with the following headers and fill in these fields:

  • Action – specify whether you wish to add or delete a destination. Type “+” and “-” or “add” and “remove” in this field. Note, you can only delete destinations that haven’t yet been used.
  • Prefix – specify the prefix to be added or deleted.
  • Two-letter ISO country code – specify the country code as it is defined in ISO 3166-2 (e.g., CA for Canada, BR for Brazil, etc.) To add prefixes that have no geographical reference (e.g., 882, 8700, etc.) set the “–” value. The destinations with the “–” value are then considered to be Not applicable (non-geographic). Note that if the Country and/or Subdivision names do not match the ISO 3166-2, they are also added to the system as Not applicable.
  • Description – type a short description for a destination.
  • Country subdivision – type the name of the territory (e.g., province, state, county, etc.) as they are defined in the ISO 3166-2 (e.g., Ain Defla for Algeria).

Default destinations

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Select Default destinations option to check/modify and upload the destinations list.

  • Click Download Download to download and check/modify a default set of destinations in the E.164 and/or E.212 formats. Save your changes and then upload this edited file via the Custom file option.
    If you wish to add a new default destination in E.212 format, open the downloaded file and specify the details but leave the MNC field empty.

    add Default destination

  • Select the I have checked the default destinations checkbox to confirm that you have verified the default destinations list.
  • Select E.164 destinations and/or E.212 destinations checkboxes and click Upload.

Update description for uploaded destinations in bulk

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To update description of the already uploaded destinations, prepare a .csv, .xls or .xlsx file with the following fields:

  1. Action (type “add” in this field)
  2. Prefix
  3. Description

    Updated description for destination

Click Upload and browse for a file via the Custom file option. PortaBilling won’t add the destinations twice, it will only change their description.

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