Configure top-up options for the service wallet here. The top-up options are then available on the customer, account and administrator self-care interfaces.

By default, there is a single empty record in the top-up configuration list. To add a top-up option, simply fill in the values and click Save on the toolbar.

To add a new record, click Add .

To delete a record, click Delete AKDwmEZstO3qwAAABt0RVh0U29mdHdhcmUAQXJ0d2VhdmVyIEZyZWUgNy4wsOltfgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==.

Service wallet top-up configuration

Top-up amount/volume

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This is the amount by which the balance of the service wallet increases after the top-up.


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This is the price you charge for a defined volume of traffic or amount of funds.


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This is the number of days the service wallet extends.

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