This panel shows you the created event handlers and their subscription to specific events. Event subscriptions

The panel displays the following columns:

Event name

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This column shows the names of events. In the next columns, you can check whether a specific handler is subscribed to these events (“subscription status”).

Event handler name

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Each created event handler is displayed as a separate column where you can check its subscription to specific events, e.g., you can see that the EventSender handler is subscribed to events such as Account/New, Account/ID/Changed, Account/Blocked, etc.

Subscription statuses

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In the event handlers’ columns, you can see the following subscription statuses:

  • Not supported – means that the event handler of this type can’t be subscribed to a specific event.
  • Subscribed – the check mark means that a specific event handler is subscribed to a specific event.
  • Non-subscribed – empty field (no check mark) means that the event handler of this type supports the subscription to a specific event, but is not subscribed to it.

To configure event subscriptions for a specific handler, click Show launch next to the event handler name (the column header). This panel shows all the events in alphabetical order. To re-sort them in reverse order, click the Arrow  near the event handler name.

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