On this panel, you can configure tracing of unwelcome calls, e.g., threatening calls from anonymous callers. Note that a user can trace only the last incoming call or call attempt.

Trace call. Application specific

Trace without confirmation

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When this option is enabled, a user who reaches this IVR application, will just hear the announcement informing them whether the call was successfully traced or not.

By default, the Trace without confirmation option is disabled. This means that the user will first hear the announcement with the incoming call details (such as the date and time when the call was made and the caller number) and then will be asked to press 1 to confirm the call tracing. If the call has been traced successfully, the user will hear the corresponding announcement.

Once a user has a successful call trace, they can contract a law enforcement agency and ask them to investigate the case.

Traceable calls lifetime, days

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By default, 30 days is the time period when a call remains traceable. To change this period, specify a new value.

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