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Additional info

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Define additional settings for this reseller.

Reseller Additional info panel 

Auto-provision DIDs via batch

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This enables the reseller to choose DID or toll-free numbers from the DID inventory/external DID provider. You will charge the reseller for the allocated numbers according to the prices specified in the assigned batch.

To create a pricing batch for reseller, go to Infrastructure > Inventory > DID inventory > Pricing batches.


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Select a representative for this reseller. Representatives work on behalf of the company, selling services for a commission. Representatives do not participate in billing or revenue sharing. They are listed for information purposes only.

Note that a representative won't receive a commission for reseller charges. Once you assign a representative to the reseller’s customers, that's when they start receive a commission according to the commission plan you defined for the representative.

To create a new representative, go to Sales > Sales agents > Representatives.

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